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                Who We Are, and Our Commitment to You

                People are an important part of our business, and on this page we introduce ourselves and the people who work with us. Click on the pictures to find out more about who we are and what we do.

                Operations & Farming

                Office & Customer Care

                Great Resource

                Customer Care & Shipping

                Responsible Beauty

                Sales & Customer Care, Seed Testing

                Catalog, Web, Customer Care

                Restoration Specialist

                Helping Hand & Great Resource

                Operations & Farming

                Operations & Farming

                Conservancy Seed Harvest

                Great Resource


                Operations & Farming

                Production & Operations


                Operations & Equipment Maintenance

                Operations on Vacations

                Dan Sr.,
                Safety & Operations

                The other people who are important to us are people like you, who share our appreciation of the beauty of native wildflowers and grasses, and our wonder and gratitude for the delicate strength of the web of life that joins us all.

                Your satisfaction is important to us. When you buy Native American Seed, it gives us great pleasure to know that we have done everything we can do to ensure that those seeds can thrive and flourish and bring you years of enjoyment. We want you to be totally pleased with our efforts and our products. Please notify us as soon as possible if you are not satisfied with your purchase, so we can do our best to make it right.

                Feel free to contact us any time. Send us an email, or call us on the phone. Share your questions and your stories in the Gardener's Corner on this site; we check in every day to make sure the questions are getting timely answers… and to pick up a few hints ourselves from you! If you're new to growing native plants, the Gardener's Corner also contains some tips to get you started, and a list of other Web sites you can visit to learn more. In the page called "Why Natives?" you can learn more about why native plants are so important to the health of our environment. And how using them can not only bring more beauty to your landscape, but save you hours of toil that you can use instead to sit on your porch and enjoy the view!

                In our catalog, you'll find a variety of books to inspire, inform and delight you. If you're planning a big project that goes far beyond the backyard scale, look into our "Consulting" section to find out about the many large-scale restoration and planning services offered by our parent company, Neiman Environments, Inc. And if you're part of a community or school group that would like to learn more about what people can do to live better in harmony with the land, visit the "Learning Naturally" section to see what we've done in the past, and what we're offering for the future.

                And finally, come back to visit us often. When you work with nature like we do, you discover pretty quickly that the only unchanging thing is change. We've always got new stories to tell, new varieties of seed to offer, and new friends to introduce to each other.

                Contact us at:
                Native American Seed
                Junction, Texas 76849
                1(800) 728-4043
                email: info@seedsource.com

                © Native American Seed • Junction, Texas • 1-800 728-4043 • E-mail: info@seedsource.com