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                In the News

                2020.03.07 Online Field Trip Notes:
                Native American Seed
                Karen Beaty Fine Gardening
                2020.01.07 Online A River Worth Saving
                Who Will Protect Unheralded Llano?
                Yale Environment 360 Austin Price
                2018.09.10 TV Make Seed Bombs
                bring wildflowers to NTX
                NBC DFW Daniel Cunningham
                2018.09.01 Magazine Helping Texas
                get back to native roots
                Hill Country Telecommunications Drew Woolley
                2017.02.14 Newspaper These seed catalogs offer
                spring garden inspiration
                Dallas Morning News Karel Holloway
                2016.04.29 Video Grow Zone Restoration Technique
                Seeding and Seed Balls
                Watershed Protection City of Austin
                2016.11.18 Film Trailer Houston Prairies:
                On the Rise
                Free for Edu Use Katy Prairie Conservancy
                2016.10.16 Film Monarch Migration
                in Peril!
                Turk Pipkin Huffington Post
                2016.04.29 Video Grow Zone Restoration
                Seeding Technique & Seed Balls
                Sara Heilman City of Austin
                Watershed Protection
                2016.04.18 Film Trailer Houston Prairies:
                On the Rise
                Free for Edu Use Katy Prairie Conservancy
                2015.10.18 Report for Whitehouse
                (see p 14-15)
                Monarch Recovery
                from a Milkweed
                Point of View
                Gary Paul Nabhan,
                Ina Warren,
                Orley 'Chip' Taylor
                Make Way for Monarchs
                Monarch Watch
                2015.09.25 Magazine Seeds of Hope Camille Wheeler TPWD Magazine
                2015.09.05 Radio Restoring the Earth
                interview with
                Bill Neiman
                Salwa Khan Mothering Earth
                2015.04.17 Article Native flowers are good
                for the environment
                and less work for you
                Elizabeth White-Olsen
                & Glenn Olsen
                Houston Chronicle
                2015.04.01 Article It's Wild Out There Helen Thompson Texas Co-op Power Magazine
                2015.03.01 Article A Jaunt to Junction Melissa Gaskill Texas Co-op Power Magazine
                2015.02.01 Magazine Stormwaters Brewing
                on the Llano River
                Bill Neiman Texas Wildlife Magazine
                2014.11.05 Video Finding and Using Appropriate
                Seeds for Prairie
                Native American Seed Team State of the Prairie Conference
                2014.10.05 Article Farmer plows all his efforts
                into saving monarch butterflies
                Marshall Hinsley Culture Map
                2014.09.17 Audio Presentation Sharing Legendary Genetics:
                Biological & Cultural Diversity of Native Seeds
                Dept of Soil & Crop Sciences
                *Fall 2014
                Texas A & M University
                2014.09.04 Magazine Trouble in the Kingdom Eileen Mattel Texas Co-op Magazine
                2014.09.01 Blog Post An arid food forest Anne Stine The Bee Pasture
                2014.08.26 Article Truck Stop in Hill Country
                Threatens Llano River
                Robert Rivard Rivard Report
                2014.08.20 Article Master Naturalists Advice on
                Planting Natives
                Betsy Simnacher Dallas Morning News
                2014.05.13 Newspaper Wildscape proves to be sustainable
                lawn alternative
                Elena Tucker The Boerne Star
                2014.06.12 Magazine Going Native Pamela Walker Edible Austin
                2014.05.12 Article Turf Talk: experts say
                north TX lawns need change
                Julie Thibodeaux Green Source DFW
                2014.03.01 Magazine Butterfly on the Brink? Rob McCorkle TPWD
                2013.10.23 Newspaper O Bury Not the Last Prairie Edward Brown Fort Worth Weekly
                2013.10.01 TV Holistic Habitat Tom Spencer Central Texas Gardener
                2013.09.25 News Experts predict Dallas
                slow to give up
                St Augustine lawns
                Karel Holloway Dallas Morning News
                2012.10.24 Newspaper Neiman to present at
                Rainwater Revival
                Hill Country Alliance Junction Eagle
                2012.10.01 Publication p. 6-7 Oasis Pipeline Fire
                Recovery through Partnerships
                Scott Richardson Eye on Nature TPWD
                2012.09.01 Magazine A Landscape Full of Lessons Suzanne Labry Texas Gardener
                2012.06.12 Newspaper Going Native Dane Anderson Westlake Picayune
                2012.05.01 Magazine Tougher Turf?
                Go Native
                Julie Herman Texas Gardener Magazine
                2012.04.13 Radio Restoration Ecologist
                Bill Neiman
                Thorne Dreyer Rag Radio KOOP 91.7FM
                2012.03.01 News Native American Seed
                Rain Catcher Award
                Weston Neiman Texas Water Development Board
                2012.03.01 News Hacienda Maria
                Rain Catcher Award
                Weston Neiman Texas Water Development Board
                2012.02.27 TV Unique park
                to get historic prairie
                Jim Swift KXAN News
                2012.02.21 Article Healing hands
                help heal the land
                Christine Powell NPSOT
                2012.01.03 Radio Original Prairie Plants Restored
                at San Jacinto Monument
                Ed Mayberry KUHF Houston Public Radio
                2011.12.22 Article Seed balls ready for
                planting in Bastrop
                Claire Osborn Austin American Statesman
                2011.12.11 Article Team recommends seed mix Jeff Long Bastrop Advertiser
                2011.12.11 Radio Podcast Sun, Dec 11th
                2 hr Podcast
                John Dromgoole Gardening Naturally KLBJ Radio
                2011.12.08 Photo p.4 It's People
                Over Arundo
                Sky Lewey TPWD Texas Watersheds Newsletter
                2011.11.02 Article Drought Increasing
                Land Management Gamble
                Dusty Bruns The Boerne Star
                2011.11.01 Article How the HOA Was Won
                Story of my Grass-Free Yard
                Mary Karish Texas Gardener Magazine
                2011.11.02 Article Texas Drought Impact on
                Wildflower Seed Production
                Cuts Both Ways,
                PLUS Five Tips for
                Collecting Wildflower Seeds
                Monica Maeckle Texas Butterfly Ranch Blog
                2011.10.18 Article Texas Drought: End Not in Sight Claire Cardona Texas Tribune
                2011.06.10 Mention by Actor & Customer The Last Solid Dude MJ Men's Journal
                2011.05.01 Article by Customer My Prairie Home Companions Greg Grant Texas Gardener Magazine
                2011.04.01 Article / Cover Photo Native Grass Seeds
                Can Restore Rangelands
                Gary Cutrer Ranch & Rural Living Magazine
                2011.04.01 Article Texas Rangelands and Water
                Tied Together
                Mike Mecke Ranch & Rural Living Magazine
                2011.03.01 Article Last Piece of the Puzzle Suzanne Labry Texas Gardener Magazine
                2011.01.28 Article Native Grasses Take Root in Texas Kate Galbraith New York Times
                Texas Tribune
                2011.01.28 Slideshow Texas Native Grasses Kate Galbraith New York Times
                Texas Tribune
                2011.01.28 Video A Discussion of Native Seeds Kate Galbraith New York Times
                Texas Tribune
                2010.12.30 Article Champions Native Grasses Betsy Friauf Dallas Morning News
                2010.10.27 Article Native Wildflowers Beautiful Michael Parkey Dallas Morning News
                2009.08.19 Article Dallas City Home Mariana Greene Dallas Morning News
                2008.08.27 Article Charitable Campaign
                Help spread Lady Bird's Legacy
                Janet Wilson Austin American Statesman
                2008.06.01 Article New Bremen Reserve KBR Properties Farm & Ranch Magazine
                2007.01.01 Article Go Native Sheryl Smith-Rodgers Landscapes Magazine
                2005.04.01 Article Grow a Wildflower Meadow Barbara Pleasant Mother Earth News
                2002.04.01 Video Preparing for Restoration Interview Texas Legacy Project
                1998.01.01 Article Outdoor Education & Seed Balls Sheryl Smith-Rodgers Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine
                1991.06.10 Article Growing Wild about Nature Melanie Lee Tarrant Business

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