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                Sensible People…
                Why Native Plants are the Right Choice

                The seeds we offer are native to the Texas-Oklahoma-Louisiana region. Diverse groups of businesses, government agencies, schools, nonprofit organizations, land managers and homeowners are using these seeds to solve common landscape problems.

                More and more sensible people are realizing that we can no longer afford to import exotic species to our landscape from faraway lands. Plants from Morocco or Paraguay, India or Western Europe, might be pretty to the eye, but they can put a strain on resources that we need to conserve and put to better use, including our water and our own time.
                Bermuda grass needs constant mowing, not to mention weeding or application of toxic herbicides. St. Augustine demands massive amounts of water and frequent doses of pesticide to control grub worms. And in turn, these dangerous chemicals eventually make their way into our water. Even wildflowers from across the world, when we introduce them to our local environment, can push out the natives we have come to know and love, and with them the wildlife that depends on natives for food and shelter.
                Going Native
                The simple truth is that native seeds belong in your landscape. Once they are established they'll work for you, not the other way around. They are at home here, and they know how to take care of themselves. They need no extra watering once they've established their roots. They are naturally disease and bug resistant. Fertilizing is not required, and in fact, like any good homeowner, they even work to improve the land on which they live.

                A Choice for the Future
                As we come to know more about the interdependence of all life, we understand more and more how important it is to make intelligent choices about how we use the precious resources of nature. The quality of the water we drink and the air we breathe depends on it.

                It's hard to do very much about the vanishing rainforests of South America when you live in Texas or Oklahoma. But it's easy to do something about your own back yard. You have a choice about what to plant on your land, whether it's an 80 x 100 urban lot, or hundreds of acres in the countryside. You have the power to make a difference!

                Become native to your place.
                Choose a path of stewardship and a lifetime of wonder and enjoyment.

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