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                Large-Scale Restoration & Development Services

                If you own or are contemplating a purchase of over forty acres of land as an investment, a development property or a country home, Neiman Environments can provide a wide range of services to make sure that your investment will be sustainable ecologically and grow in value economically. These services include:

                • Evaluation of the existing conditions on the site including soil and vegetation types and problems such as erosion or the presence of aggressive and invasive species like Johnson Grass.

                • Recommending species that will thrive on your place and meet both your functional and aesthetic objectives. Helping you to locate sources for seed and for live plants as needed.

                • Developing an ecologically sound restoration or landscaping plan appropriate to your land and its opportunities and problems that also makes sense economically, both in the short term and in the long run.

                • Helping you to understand, navigate and comply with the various government regulations that might apply to your land, and to identify opportunities to work with appropriate government agencies or take advantage of beneficial programs.

                Some of our clients have included IBM, W.R. Grace Company (Composite Technology Industries), The Thomsen Foundation, TU Electric, The Department of Energy, The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Department, and many individual landowners. See our complete Client List for details of the projects.

                To find out more about whether Neiman Environments is the right choice for you, see Frequently Asked Questions about the restoration process and then give us a call.

                Call: 325-446-3600
                or email info@seedsource.com

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