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                NEI: Promoting Responsible Land Stewardship

                Neiman Environments, Inc. is the parent company of Native American Seed. We specialize in helping large landowners and developers plan and execute environmentally responsible and economically sound restoration projects.

                Increasingly, landowners and developers are required by law to submit environmental impact studies or to set aside portions of land for conservation purposes. There are rules governing the treatment of wetlands, and requirements to accommodate the needs of endangered or rare animal and plant species. And even where no government regulations might apply, there is a growing demand arising out of the court of public opinion that companies have an obligation to take care of the environment and to demonstrate responsible land stewardship. And there are a growing number of individuals who understand that the most valuable contribution they can make to protect the environment is to start in their own back yard.

                Neiman Environments has the experience and the expertise to deal with these requirements, and the commitment to follow through and make sure that our proposals can succeed. For more details about our services, see the following pages:

                Environmental Restoration
                Explains in more detail the consulting and implementation services offered by NEI, and defines the parameters of a "restoration" project.

                FAQs about Large-Scale Restoration and Development
                Answers questions that we are most commonly asked about large-scale restoration and landscaping projects, including special problems that NEI has the expertise to solve.

                Our Clients
                Presents a representative list of companies, government agencies and private landowners that we have worked with, including pictures of some of the projects and detailed descriptions.


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