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                A Commitment to Environmental Education

                "Any time Mr. Neiman is around, the kids are learning important facts about our environment, habitat and the outdoors. This is a great way to have the kids learn about problems facing them tomorrow such as water shortage, pollution, loss of habitat and wildlife…. The education they receive today may help them protect our environment. I hope these important field trips, the local Prairie Project, tree planting, etc., which all help the kids learn about our environment and help protect it, continue for many, many years into the future."

                Dick Dooley
                Father of Elise, Gililland School


                The Outdoor Classroom

                Bill Neiman discovered how much he liked teaching kids when he got involved with the Gililland School as part of a reclamation project for Composite Technologies in Blue Mound, Texas. That's turned into an ongoing relationship that has led to many other "outdoor classroom" projects around the region, working with kids and teachers and sharing what he's learned over the years. Our "outdoor classroom" is updated often with pictures and stories about different activities as they happen.

                For Teachers
                Here we invite teachers to send us pictures and stories from your own outdoor classroom adventures, and we'll put them on line as soon as we can. We'll let you know when they are ready for viewing, and if you have access to the Internet in your classroom it's a great way to show the kids how proud you are of their efforts. In this section also, we gather a growing set of links that teachers can use in preparing lessons and activities related to the outdoors and nature studies.

                Adult Education
                Although teaching kids tends to be a little bit more fun than teaching grown-ups (kids aren't yet set in their ways, for the most part, and they aren't afraid to get their hands dirty!) we have been known to spend time with the older generation. Bill Neiman is available to speak to groups of interested adults from time to time, mostly in the winter months. Details of how to contact him to see if he's interested and available, and a list of groups he's spoken to in the past, can be found here.

                Find out what's available to do around our farms in Junction, and send us some information about your interests and skills. Every so often we have space and opportunities for apprentices to come and join us for a few months and learn skills that can be applied to working in environmental restoration and/or growing and harvesting native wildflowers and grasses, virtually anywhere on the planet.

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