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                Apprenticeship Opportunities With Native American Seed

                From time to time Native American Seed has openings for apprentices at our farm, or at our offices in nearby Junction, Texas. Office opportunities include learning about various aspects of the mail order business including marketing, order fulfillment and customer service, plus working on our website and print catalog. On the outdoor side of the business, we welcome inquiries from people in other regions of the country who would like to learn more about the "supply side" of the native seed business. This includes a lot of hard work - from adapting conventional farm equipment to native seed planting and harvest use, to conducting harvests and cleaning seeds. Relevant agricultural experience is a big plus.

                In the coming year, we are planning to develop part of our land as a beautiful facility with housekeeping cabins and trails for those who would enjoy spending a weekend or a week in the Texas countryside. We'll be looking for people who have a feel for the land, and a handy touch with the right tools, to help us develop trails and make it easy for folks to get around our native landscape and enjoy themselves.

                We can offer assistance in finding suitable lodgings in Junction, and enough money to tend to your everyday needs. Some apprenticeships have the potential to grow into long-term employment.

                We suggest you look through the Website in detail, and find out more about us first. We also feel obliged to warn you that Junction is a quiet little town of about 2500 souls, where they roll up the sidewalks after dark. If you're still interested after all that, send an email to info@seedsource.com, and put "apprenticeship" in the subject line. Tell us about yourself, your interests and background, and what you'd like to get out of spending three to six months working with us. We'll get back to you just as soon as we can.

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