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                Adult Education: Learning to Live Lightly on the Land

                Bill Neiman has spoken to dozens of groups in the Southwest and around the country, sharing anecdotes, insights and knowledge that he has gathered over many years of experience. He has spoken to garden clubs, church groups, scientists, and gatherings of people like himself, who are committed to building a sustainable and harmonious relationship to the land.

                For more information about Bill and his public speaking experience, see his biography.

                Although Bill's programs always have new surprises and plenty of room for the spontaneous and unexpected, here are representative descriptions of some of his workshops and presentations.

                What is a native anyway? And why should you care?
                An entertaining and highly educational lesson in the common sense and economic value of using native plants for landscaping our homes, our business parks and our public spaces. Bill started out in conventional landscaping with non-native species, so he has real-life, practical experience in how natives can work better for you.

                Where Have All the Prairies Gone?
                A narrated slide show accompanied by music and sound effects that chronicles the history of the midcontinental prairies and what has happened to them over the past 150 years. A sobering look at the costs of unchecked urban sprawl, and an inspiration and support for those who are looking for ways to meet the needs of people while at the same time respecting and preserving our natural resources.

                Backyard Rainforest
                Let's face it -- our power to do something about vanishing rainforests in South America is limited. But we can do something about what happens to the environment in our own region, starting in our own back yards and spreading out from there into our neighborhoods, our communities and schools. A slide presentation and talk, featuring some outstanding model school, business and community projects that Bill has initiated, participated in, or managed over the years.

                Contact Bill with details about your program and how you would like him to participate, by calling Jan Neiman at (325) 446-4141 or sending an email to nei@seedsource.com.

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