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                Native American Seed mails out two catalogs per year - one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Each includes a list of our products, information, insight, and inspiration we offer to those who share our commitment to restoring the earth.

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                Click on the cover photo below to view our current digital catalog. If you prefer to hold it in your hands, we'd be happy to mail you a paper copy - submit your address below. Thank you for your interest in the work we do!
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                Native American Seed harvests and sells only the seeds native to these eco-regions. We do not offer any seeds from India, China, Peru, Germany or Chile. We encourage people to consider planting original prairie species. What could be better? What could be smarter? What could be more sustainable?

                Are you a raving fan of Native American Seed?
                Please ask us to include a few extra catalogs for your friends or neighbors. We also keep boxes of back issues available (while supplies last) for educators who are looking for a practical guide for their classes. Catalogs make great plant ID books. Younger students will enjoy creating artwork out of the high quality color photographs while learning about their native flora.