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                Jumpstart healing of your land! 
                Scorched Earth Recovery Mix

                Item #: 1816
                Category: Native Seed Mixes
                Habit: Annual & Perennial
                Planting Rates: 

                9 lbs per acre

                Lawn & Garden
                Dpak per 400 sf
                1 lb per 1,200 sf

                Dpak - $24.00
                1 lb - $34.95

                SOIL TYPE


                Soil Moisture

                Sand Loam Clay Caliche  Full  Partial Dappled Shade
                 X    X    X    X    X    X    X        dry, medium, moist 




                44 species - ecosystem in a bag!

                Help jumpstart the healing of your land after stricken by drought, wildfire, cedar and right-of-way clearing. This mix was first assembled to address steep, rocky hills west of IH 35. A diversity of native warm season, cool season, annuals, perennials, wildflowers and native grasses is useful in reducing erosion and providing wildlife habitat. Because of the large variety of native species, this mix can be planted in spring or fall. Seeding rates are calculated to provide 40 live seeds per square foot. Reseeding should be used as a tool in combination with other erosion control methods.

                Wildfire Recovery:

                A couple million acres have burned in Texas. Not all these areas require reseeding. Focus on identifying erosion prone areas that burned so hot where dormant seeds in the soil have been scorched.

                Aid in reducing erosion on steep slopes once covered in juniper/cedar/mesquite

                Evaluations conducted by the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) indicate steep rocky slopes in recent wildfires, once covered with juniper / cedar breaks, burned so hot that dormant seeds in the soil may be sterilized. Some burned areas received significant rainfall, but resprouting is 80% below established standard for adequacy. Other areas indicated near 100% mortality of the perennial grasses. After heavy rains, soil erosion may produce devastating long term impacts to the watershed and the sustainability of the land resource.

                lights from 600 acre 'Big Draw Wildfire' 5 miles downstream from Native American Seed farm (above)

                Landowners impacted by these wildfires will benefit by protecting their resource. Reseeding with diverse mixtures of native rangeland species, including fall sprouting annual forbs, wildflowers and warm season perennial grasses, can help jumpstart healing of damaged lands.

                For fall plantings, a cool season nurse crop of Cereal Rye Grain added at 20 lbs / acre will improve erosion control while perennial natives become established.

                For more information visit:
                Wildfire Reference Guide

                  [NATIVE GRASSES]
                  Arizona Cottontop
                  Southwestern Bristlegrass
                  Slender Grama
                  Curly Mesquite
                  Green Sprangletop
                  Halls Panicum
                  Hooded Windmill Grass
                  Little Bluestem
                  Plains Bristlegrass
                  Prairie Wildrye
                  Purple Three Awn
                  Red Grama
                  Red Three Awn
                  Sand Dropseed
                  Sand Lovegrass
                  Sideoats Grama
                  Tall Dropseed
                  Texas Cupgrass
                  Texas Panicum
                  Texas Wintergrass
                  Virginia Wildrye
                  White Tridens
                  Slim Tridens
                  Texas Grama
                  [NATIVE FORBS]
                  Common Sunflower
                  Cutleaf Daisy
                  Huisache Daisy
                  Illinois Bundleflower
                  Indian Blanket
                  Lemon Mint
                  Plains Coreopsis
                  Prairie Verbena
                  Purple Prairie Clover
                  Texas Bluebonnet
                  Texas Yellow Star
                  White Prairie Clover
                  Grey Gold Aster
                  White Rosinweed
                  American Basketflower
                  Cane Bluestem

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