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                Native Trail Mix 

                Item #: 1811
                Category: Native Seed Mixes
                Habit: Annual & Perennial
                Bloom: February - December
                Planting Rates: 

                10 lbs per acre

                Lawn & Garden
                Pkt covers 20 sq ft
                1/4 lb per 250 sq ft
                1 lb per 1,000 sq ft

                1 pkt. - $5
                1/4 lb. - $16
                1 lb. - $39.95

                SOIL TYPE


                Soil Moisture

                Sand Loam Clay Caliche  Full  Partial Dappled Shade
                 X    X    X    X    X    X            medium 




                A healthy blend of native wildflowers and grasses! Perennials and annuals, warm season and cool season. This is our most nutritious blend of natives. It provides habitat, nectar and food for many creatures of the wild such as songbirds and butterflies. The people before us were a walking people. Many of our present-day roads in fact originated footpaths. It may be as it once was, that we become a walking people again someday.

                Have no trail? Create a pocket prairie. Any parcel of land looking to become a wildflower meadow will qualify. This offering comes compete with a sprinkling of native prairie grasses. Perfect for creating your own pocket prairie. The concept of pocket prairies was introduced to encourage individual homeowners and gardeners to help reverse the dramatic plunge in biodiversity. Pocket prairies are simply a prairie ecosystem shrunk down to fit in a small area. The addition of these pocket prairies to the average homeowner抯 landscape increases the diversity of birds, butterflies, and many other living things in urban areas where their populations are threatened. Even though pocket prairies are small, they serve as wildlife corridors throughout a city and seed banks for future restoration projects. Look around you, chances are there is wildlife desperate for native vegetation. Bees trying to pollinate trashcans, birds scavenging for french fries in the concrete deserts, butterflies aimlessly fluttering with nowhere to rest, feed, or lay their eggs.

                Photos of all the Trail Mix ingredients (above)

                Painted Bunting photo by Greg Lavity

                  Texas Bluebonnet
                  Indian Blanket
                  Lanceleaf Coreopsis
                  Purple Coneflower
                  Cutleaf Daisy
                  Huisache Daisy
                  Purple Prairie Clover
                  Standing Cypress
                  Bush Sunflower
                  Clasping Coneflower
                  Lemon Mint
                  American Basketflower
                  Black-Eyed Susan
                  Mexican Hat
                  Plains Coreopsis
                  Prairie Coneflower
                  Maximilian Sunflower
                  Blue Grama
                  Prairie Wildrye
                  Little Bluestem
                  Green Sprangletop
                  Sand Lovegrass
                  Sideoats Grama
                  Cane Bluestem
                  Texas Cupgrass
                  Virginia Wildrye
                  White Tridens
                  Red Lovegrass
                  Purple Lovegrass
                  Sonora Sideoats Grama
                  Slim Tridens
                  Slender Grama
                  Drummond Phlox
                  Missouri Primrose

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