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                Comanche Mix 

                Item #: 1800
                Category: Native Seed Mixes
                Habit: Annual & Perennial
                Best Time To Seed: Fall
                Bloom: Feb-Nov
                Height: 4 - 24 inches
                Planting Rates: 
                22 lb per acre
                1/4 lb. per 500 sq. ft.
                1 packet per 20 sq. ft.

                1 pkt. - $5.00
                1/4 lb. - $11.00
                1 lb. - $38.00

                SOIL TYPE


                Soil Moisture

                Sand Loam Clay Caliche  Full  Partial Dappled Shade
                 X    X    X    X    X    X            Dry Medium 




                If you've heard of the Comanche Indians once inhabiting your area of Texas, this mix will probably work for you. We've selected species that particularly thrive from the southwestern part of the Hill country on up to the Rolling Plains.

                The Texas Bluebonnets will lead the way in this beautiful mix, with Huisache Daisy and Indian Blanket close to follow. The picture on this page was made later in the spring, after the Bluebonnets were done. This mix will be happy in most any well-drained soil. And, depending on your natural rainfall and whether or not you water occasionally, some of these flowers will bloom until frost.

                If you plant the Comanche Mix in your yard, set aside an area where there are no winter grasses or tall plants already growing, as they will interfere with the germination and growth of the seeds. The area can be mowed after the flowers are all finished blooming, and the seeds are dry. All these wildflowers re-seed themselves readily, and will be back to cheer your spring and summer for many years to come.

                  Huisache Daisy
                  Indian Blanket
                  Texas Bluebonnet
                  Lemon Mint
                  Annual Winecup
                  Scrambled Eggs
                  Sleepy Daisy
                  Prairie Verbena

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